Thursday, December 15, 2011

8 reasons why Ron Paul will be the best president of our lifetime

The Examiner
By Gabe Vogt
December 14th 2011

Another article prompted this piece. While it might be easier to simply respond to the other column's claims (many of which are rather ludicrous), the current times seem to suggest that it correlates more with common sense to look towards the future, including Ron Paul's election to the presidency.

1. Paul will abolish the Federal Reserve

Since its formation in 1913, America's private bank has contributed to loss of value in the dollar as well as multiple wars to protect central banking interests. The manipulation of interest rates by Fed leaders has also led to generations that consume and do not save, thus reducing the ability of retirees to manage their own lives without government pensions or safety nets. By all considerations, the institution is no better than Hitler's Reichstag, and Paul's courage in opposing its continued operation forms the basis of his historical greatness as president

2. Respect for the 1st Amendment

After both "conservative," and "liberal," presidents have proven to follow each others marks step by step when pursuing policies relating to the cessation of individual liberty, Ron Paul will end violations of the 1st Amendment and stop enforcing the Patriot Act through his administration. Unlike many politicians, both past and present, Paul understands that an act by Congress cannot legally suppress the Constitution, thus making laws such as the Patriot Act and others wholly anti-freedom and therefore unacceptable.

3. Free Trade

Ron Paul's presidency will be noted for its pursuit of free trade with all countries, not the cartelization of corporate interests in unfair international boundaries. Rather than hiding behind two-state loathing from the Cold War, Paul believes that America should trade with all nations, including Cuba, Iran and North Korea. Through these changes our economy will expand, leaving relics of leftist extremism such as Castro a lame statue for the past. The congressman would also oppose a North America Union or any other similar trade blocs, thus endorsing truly neoliberal policies which America has too long ignored.

4. Taxes

Paul opposes class warfare and believes in abolishing the Income Tax. Not only will this approach create millions of jobs, but its falls in line with the critical aspect of empowering Americans to take responsibility for their own lives rather than granting more power to the government. As with the Federal Reserve, lower taxes will promote saving and investment, influencing Americans in a meaningful way to prepare for their futures instead of leaving it at the feet of a broken federal authority.

5. War on Drugs

America has spent the last two decades fighting an endless war on drug distribution that costs more than simply decriminalizing--or even legalizing--the substances. Rather than spending billions and losing countless lives in law enforcement and civilian populations, Ron Paul will devolve power to the states and end this senseless pursuit of a moral high ground once and for all. With the unspent money remaining, America will secure the borders and focus on real homeland security--not societal paranoia.

6. Immigration Security

Both major political parties have argued for radical approaches to immigration control. On one side, Republicans propose an expensive fence and guest worker programs to deal with the massive immigration problem. Democrats prefer amnesty and instate tuition benefits for illegal alien students (or former Democrats like Rick Perry). Ron Paul's presidency will oversee the halting of benefits for all those who come here illegally, thus helping our border hospitals and saving America billions of dollars each year. A Paul Administration would handle this issue sensibly; not by spending billions more simply to feel safe inside the head.

7. Humble Foreign Policy

In stark contrast to both major party leaders, Paul will end frivolous intervention around the world to restore American prosperity. As a veteran and Air Force flight surgeon, the congressman understands the importance of human life better than most public officials, and he will fail to send troops into battle like pawns in a suicidal scheme to save face or secure corporatist interests. His administration will avoid unnecessary intervention and push for a  view on foreign affairs where America responds when attacked--not to endorse a ridiculous notion of expensive democracy in the Middle East. Under his watch foreign aid to murderous regimes such as the Palestinian National Authority and North Korea will be ended, thus preventing the expansion of violence around the globe.

8. Upholding the Oath

Most importantly, Ron Paul will respect the oath he takes when sworn into office in 2013. To the congressman, an oath is before God, not a simple recitation that can be bended according to political expediency. With him at the helm, Americans will once again believe in the Constitution as the foundation of this country's political culture, and a new generation will be born that understands limits of the government. Should we as a nation reclaim this committal to founding principle, there is not end to what we may accomplish as one united country, standing together as a whole, and not splintered among warring factions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ron Paul calls for criminal charges against Eric Holder

The Examiner
By Kyle Rogers
December 13th 2011

Just days ago, CBS national news printed new details about Department of Justice operation "Fast & Furious." Internal memos show that agents actually discussed using the operation as a "false flag" to justify taking away the 2nd amendment rights of US citizens.

Congress is currently investigating Fast & Furious. Attorney General Eric Holder has already been caught making at least one false statement under oath.

Gun rights advocates have been asking why Republicans aren't calling for criminal charges against Eric Holder. Many have criticized FOX News for giving the story little coverage. CBS national news has been breaking most of the new details related to Fast & Furious. Recently Eric Holder yelled at a reporter at an event in DC. He blamed the media for public outrage over Fast & Furious, and told a reporter "you guys need to stop it."

Today, Texas Congressman Ron Paul became the first GOP president candidate to call for criminal charges against Eric Holder.

Speaking to syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones, Paul called for Holder to be "immediately fired." Paul went on to say "I think it was criminal," and called the operation a "false flag." He said that there needs to be an immediate investigation into Holder himself, and said Holder "deserves charges."

Paul went on to discuss a now infamous memo from White House lawyers who claim Obama has the right to assassinate American citizens anywhere in the world. Paul stated that Obama is trying to "legalize Martial law."

Paul also mocked the FBI's claim of uncovering an Iranian assignation plot against the Saudi ambassador. He said the man arrested "may never be tried because they don't want the truth to come out."

POLL BOMBSHELL: Ron Paul Is Close To A Win In Iowa

Business Insider
By Grace Wyler
December 13th 2011

Ron Paul, the once-forgotten presidential candidate, is picking up steam in Iowa and now appears poised to overtake frontrunner Newt Gingrich, according to a new survey released today from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling.

The poll finds support for Gingrich has slipped to 22%, with Ron Paul just behind with 21%. Mitt Romney trails in third place with 16%.

That's a five-point drop in favorability for Gingrich, who has raced to the top of the Republican presidential field over the past month. PPP found Gingrich's favorability numbers have fallen 19 points over the past week.

Meanwhile, support for Paul is on the rise, particularly among younger voters and voters who identify themselves as "new." Among likely caucus-goers under age 45, Paul leads Gingrich 30-16. The numbers are nearly flipped for caucus-goers over age 45.

But what Paul's fans lack in age and experience, they make up for in enthusiasm — 77% of Paul supporters say they are definitely going to vote for him, compared to 54% for Gingrich.

Interestingly, Romney's support is also stronger than Gingrich's in Iowa, despite Romney's relative absence from the state this fall — 67% of Romney supporters say they will definitely be voting for him.

In fact, there is strong evidence that Romney actually could have been a major factor in Iowa this year, if he had not stayed away from the state. As PPP notes, only 44% of Romney's 2008 supporters plan to vote for him this time — which means if he had just managed to keep his support from last time, he would be leading in Iowa by now.

The PPP survey finds the rest of the field largely unchanged. Michele Bachmann comes in fourth with 11%, down from 13% last week. Rick Perry stayed stagnant at 9%, apparently unaffected by his controversial gay marriage/war on Christmas ad last week. Rick Santorum came in with 8%, while Jon Huntsman rounded out the field with 5% support.