Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ron Paul Speech at Tea Party Patriots Rally; Saturday 2pm MT - Vote in Straw Poll

Ron Paul will be speaking at the Tea Party Patriots Policy Summit at 2:00pm MT on Saturday February 26th in Phoenix. There will be a straw poll, which will garner BIG media attention. It is important that we give Dr. Paul another media boost with a strong showing in this poll.

The entire event, including Ron's speech, will be streamed live online. Admission is $10, and by signing up, you're eligible to vote in the poll. Dr. Paul will have support at the event, but every vote counts, and this is a way you can show your support without traveling to the event!

Other candidates are making a big push, so it is very important we do our best for a great showing. Please spread the word and sign up at:

Tea Party Patriots Policy Summit

Update: Discount tickets for the live event at C4L

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