Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ron Paul criticizes Obama during Raleigh speech

Alina Machado


Congressman Ron Paul spoke to a packed auditorium on the North Carolina State
University campus Monday evening and spoke out about the U.S. action in Libya.
About 1,000 packed the McKimmon Center to hear Paul talk about his campaign
for liberty.

"We're getting into too many wars, we're getting into them carelessly and
we're not doing them in the proper manner," Paul said.

He was especially critical of President Barack Obama's decision to join other
allies and intervene in Libya, saying the action is unconstitutional since the
President did not seek permission from Congress.

"Where did our President get permission this time?" Paul asked. "[The] same
place Harry Truman did in order to go into Korea. They didn't come to the US
Congress. They went to the United Nations to get the permission to put us to

But President Obama reassured the country Monday night that the U.S. is not
at war.

"The United States has not acted alone," the President said during his
speech. "Instead, we have been joined by a strong and growing coalition."
A coalition of countries whose purpose, according to the President, is to
protect the Libyan people, but Paul says the U.S. should return to basics and
focus instead on domestic issues.

"Don't get involved in alliances, don't get involved in the internal affairs
of other nations," Paul said. "Don't go into nation building. Mind our business
and take care of our own country first."

It's worth noting that there were many people in the audience with signs
saying Ron Paul for President in 2012. Paul says he still hasn't decided if
he'll be running.


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