Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have just returned home from the Ron Paul Peter Schiff Mixer at Webster Hall in NYC.

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By FloorPlan
April 26th 2011

It was a wonderful, mid sized gathering, maybe 250 people, of all races and ages. We had old ass men with mustaches accompanying their daughters. Baseball capped youths wearing Rloveution t-shirts. Short young ladies wearing power-suits. Khaki & plaid frat boys. Tattooed and pierced bikers. And even some Free Staters and Mises Institute scholars. My girlfriend and I swear we caught a whiff of marijauna too, and our suspicions were all but confirmed when we then noticed much of the audience putting their noses to the air as well.

The following is a brief summary of the events and speakers of the night; in reverse order starting with the headliner. The whole event was recorded so I'm sure many of you will watch it.

Ron Paul gave a fantastic 30 minute speech. He opened with "Who knew New York was such a wonderful place?" Or there abouts. He touched on all the right notes and had the crowd continually shouting Ron Paul in between his major points. He spoke about the drug war, aggressive wars, sound money, the works. The greatest response was reserved for his jabs at the Federal Reserve and counterfeiter at large The Bernanke. In fact, deafening End The Fed chants punctuated the entire evening. To me his best comments were the ones where he referred to a "voluntary" society, and the freedom to succeed and fail and the responsibility of bearing the consequences. Ron Paul rightfully finished with a major point about the fact that some of us are labeled as insensitive, but that that we must be patient with these statists for many of them simply don't understand that a byproduct of freedom is prosperity.

Peter Schiff was brilliant as usual. Vodka drink in hand, Schiff explains to the audience he had no remarks prepared. He lauds Ron Paul for his tremendous work. He briefly mentions his dad Irwin, who is rotting in federal prison right now at the young age of 83. Schiff pontificated the idea of a Ron Paul presidential pardon. Peter also brought up the very pertinent fact that gas prices are actually at an all time low right now... in terms of silver. He also fielded a few questions, one of which was by a pretty though hapless librarian (yes librarian, not libertarian) who asked "what can the average person do to fight against the Fed?" By gold and silver sweetheart, where in the world have you been?

The whole event was MC's by and Chris Farley-esque politician who holds the honor of being the only libertarian leaning member of the New York City Council. He was funny (the first few times) and liked to say the f-word a lot.

To me the best part of the whole mixer was the first speaker. I'm not even going to look up his name, we'll call him Talking-Points McDouchenozzle. Mr. Douche is the current chairmen of the Republican Party of New York County. His remarks start off innocently enough. He says we need lower taxes, more liberty, and free markets, etc.... But immediately one can see he is a lifeless establishment drone. He flips the script and asks us to resist "European Socialism" and teh unions, by remembering to support your local Republican Party. Its shit we've all heard millions of time before from every single neocon pretending to be one of us. Not five minutes into his remarks the crowd starts squirming, then whispering, then we hear a few shouts.... Neocon!.... what about the wars?..... and then the angry Goateed Viking behind us blares "We're Libertarians!" above the rustle. Everybody starts cheering at that. Doucheburgler then regains his composure and tries to say something I don't even care to recall, but by now the entire crowd is booing and shouting at him. Mind you this is the first speaker of the night, at an event that is ostensibly "related" to the Republican Party. After a few more uncomfortable moments, Chris Farley escorts Nozzle off the stage from whence he came to the joyous sounds of Ron Paul.... Ron Paul... Ron Paul.... Ron Paul.... Ron Paul... Ron Paul.... Ron Paul... Ron Paul....



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