Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I don’t care about New York’s Weiner!!!

Progressive Libertarian Movement
By: Susan Spaulding Cassidy
Weds. June 8th 2011

I am sorry, but I could care less about yet another politician behaving badly. My libertarian views go beyond politics. I believe that people have choices to make every day, and will face negative or positive consequences as a result of those choices. Weiner is no different. I don’t know what his wife will do after this, that’s her business, and she will face the consequence of her choice. I don’t know what his constituents will do, that’s theirs, and again their consequence to deal with. I don’t care if he resigns, and I’m certainly not shocked that he hasn’t. Should I have expected a man of his apparent lack of morals and judgement to turn around and do something that requires a strong sense of character and personal integrity? Um, no.

What do I care about? I care about the fact that five American soldiers were killed yesterday. I care about the fact that when I drive down Glenway Ave, I pass far too many empty buildings that used to contain a business with employees. I care about the fact that our government has reached an historic $61 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. I care that this breaks down to over $500,000 per American household. I care that everyone can articulate the problem, but demonizes anyone that offers a solution.

And what of Anthony Weiner and his ilk? I care that the people of New York can vote in someone and then I get stuck with him. They probably feel the same way about Steve Chabot. I care that we continually are asked to give up more freedoms and money to people in Washington so that they can fix stuff, and then they just break it more. Is Weiner a better steward of my hard-earned money than I am? Should he decide what type of lightbulb I can purchase? Why did he have any say in MY Chrysler dealership closing? Has he acquired some vast knowledge that I should look to when deciding how I will feed my children? in how I should care for my family? my neighbors? Um, no.

James Madison…”If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” Well, Weiner is certainly no angel. And it’s not like his case is an isolated incident, nor are those incidents contained on one side of the aisle.

I believe in the American experiment of self-government. I understand that we must give up some of our freedom in order to have an effective government, but I feel we’ve not only given up too much, but those we’ve relinquished our freedoms to are not about to stop taking more anytime soon. As long as there is a wrong to be righted, a national problem to fix, another country’s dictator behaving badly, there will be Weiners ready to rise up and shout, “elect me, I will handle it! I will make it all better. I will keep you safe, fed, and comfortable.” When Franklin was asked if we had a Republic or a monarchy, his response was….”a republic, if you can keep it.” We’ve kept it for over 200 hundred years, and I pray that we will not be enticed by the Weiners in public office to give it away.

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