Friday, June 17, 2011

Paul packs them in at major GOP conference

Friday June 17th 2011

New Orleans (CNN) – Rep. Ron Paul sure knows how to draw a crowd.

Extra chairs were brought into the already packed hotel ballroom where the Republican Leadership Conference is being held to accommodate a swarm of loud and energetic supporters of the longtime congressman from Texas, who is making his third bid for the White House.

And those supporters loudly applauded Paul throughout his address, as he preached against American involvement in overseas wars and alliances by saying, "Americans are sick and tired of no-win wars around the world."

Paul also argued against the government's monetary policy, against the Federal Reserve, and against too much government regulation, saying "the fact that we have too many laws is what the problems are."

And he used his speech to tout civil liberties and family values, declaring that "rights and liberties come from your God, not your government. Besides, government is not very good at teaching morality."

Paul polls in the low double digits or high single digits in most of the recent national surveys in the battle for the GOP presidential nomination, but some pundits handicap his chances of wining the nomination because they criticize him as being out of the mainstream GOP because of his philosophy.

But Paul started and closed his speech by saying that most Republicans are beginning to see things his way, saying that they are "starting to use our language."

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