Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ron Paul has a dirty little habit of telling the truth

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By Michael Hayne
Monday August 15th 2011

Perennial Republican Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul (R-TX), was the clear-cut winner of last Thursday nite’s debate, according to many different polls. While former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, now no longer a presidential candidate, attempted to break himself free from the shackles of mediocrity by sparring frivolously with crazed Congresswoman Bachmann, Ron Paul did the unthinkable in today’s circus-like GOP by sticking to the facts. Indeed, Ron Paul has a dirty little habit of telling the truth and strictly adhering to the seemingly dead fundamental philosophical underpinnings of the founding fathers, sometimes at his own peril.

On the economy, all the presidential wannabes spoke about lower taxes, cutting spending, and a balanced budget – the usual mantra– in focus group approved, Fox News soundbite fashion. But like always, Ron Paul threw caution to the wind and downright cut right through the carefully arranged beauty pageant that elections have come to be by thoroughly explaining why we have recessions in the first place. Mr. Paul stuck to his hallmark positions of criticizing the role of the Federal Reserve System and the monetary system, one in which money can be created out of thin air whenever the political class wants it.

"The country's bankrupt, and nobody wanted to admit it,” said Ron Paul during the Fox News Debate.

On foreign policy, Ron Paul once again proved that he is a the sharpest voice and firmly understands the pivotal Law of Unintended Consequences with regards to America’s interventionist polices in the Middle East. Mr. Paul is famed for schooling Rudy “I appeared on television the most on 9/11″ Giuliani on foreign policy during a 2008 Republican presidential debate. Paul has now said, those who spread the lie that it was all Muslims throughout the world who attacked America on that September morning are also those who seem to favor the most wars in the most places, usually so long as other Americans fight them. This time around, however, it was walking gay joke and long shot far-right candidate, Rick Santorum, who was on the receiving end of an epic Ron Paul history smackdown.

Mr. Paul handily dismissed the comments of the neoconservative former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum as “war propaganda,” which indeed Senator Santorum can be relied upon to parrot at every opportunity. He then beautifully explained that the history of U.S. relations in Iran did not begin with the hostage crisis in 1979, as Senator Santorum. On the contrary, It began with the U.S./British coup in 1953 that brought the oppressive shah to power, and it was resentment over his police state that turned Iranians against the U.S.

"Just think of what we went through in the Cold War when I was in the Air Force, after I was drafted into the Air Force, all through the 60's. We were standing up against the Soviets. They had like 30,000 nuclear weapons with intercontinental missiles. Just think of the agitation and the worry about a country that might get a nuclear weapon some day."

-Ron Paul when asked by Fox News channel anchor Chris Wallace why he was "soft" on Iran in his opposition to economic sanctions against the country

Oh no, Ron Paul! Just call the black guy a socialist, demand to see his birth certificate, and utter totally empty slogans like “Drill baby Drill” and “Washington is out of touch with the people”. Oh, and make sure you say nothing remotely factual. Above all, be sure to wear the biggest American Flag pin you can find while uttering such easily digestible ignorance.

But while Ron Paul displays a refreshing and audacious ability to speak from the gut, he also displays a dangerous mindset that reflects some of the more severe libertarian propensities. Case in point, Ron Paul compared social security and medicare to slavery earlier this year. Indeed, Ron Paul has the remarkable gift of politely invoking thought while simultaneously causing immediate aversion and bewilderment—unlike Perry, Bachmann, et all.—who just invoke setups for late night comedy and fodder for the American Psychological Association.

Now that the debate is over and the dust has settled, it is clear that Ron Paul is a formidable force— stronger and better positioned—than he was four years ago.



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