Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ron Paul supporters blast back with over $1 million and counting

By Lori Stacey
Saturday August 20th 2011

The Ron Paul birthday money bomb is well underway and they have already raised over $1 million today.  It will be going on until midnight. This event was billed as "a fundraiser the establishment would never forget". Whatever the reason, part birthday celebration and perhaps part firing back after the lack of media coverage following his dead-heat finish in Iowa; the Ron Paul campaign is full-speed ahead.

The only thing the mainstream media has been able to keep beating the drums on is saying that he is unelectable.  For a 12-term Congressman from Texas to be constantly criticized about electability, it is ironic that his 11 re-elections makes him the most elected candidate in the Presidential field.

As the media keeps attacking or ignoring, his support continues to soar.  The Congressman spent the weekend at the 3rd Annual Liberty Summit in Orlando, Florida this weekend where the focus was on "The Future of Conservatism in America".  Paul was a keynote speaker at the event with a packed, standing room only crowd.

Can this momentum continue to build?  One thing is for sure, the worst thing the mainstream media can do at this point is continue to anger his supporters.

Continuous updates on the money bomb throughout the evening can be found here.

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