Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ron Paul packs Redstone Room For Campaign Stop
By John David
Tuesday Aug 2nd 2011


As a full house packs Davenport's Redstone Room at noon on Tuesday, it's clear that the nation's debt deal doesn't please everyone.
"Bad," said Jerry Short, Bettendorf. "There's no push to paying off the debt.

"It would be preferable if we had a Republican president and Republican control of the senate," added Gary Miracle, Galesburg. "Then we could really make some cuts."
That's music to the ears of Rep. Ron Paul. The Texas Republican, 75, is making a third run at the presidency. He says the congressional compromise on the debt ceiling won't solve spending problems. It will just add to the deficit.

"I think August 2nd was artificial," he said. "I didn't think for a minute our country would not stop sending the checks out. That will happen."

The longtime doctor is back on the stump in Iowa. His message of less government and more freedom resonates with many in the audience.

"I think he's really honest and really wants to help people," said Connie Short, Bettendorf.

"He's a real person," added Caryl Eickstaedt, Moline. "He's out there to try to help the average person, which is rare."

As Ron Paul puts it, the message of liberty is the message of America. His grass roots approach could be very important for the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll in Ames on August 13.

Supporters lined up for photos and autographs after his visit. Many of them agree on the big political question of the day: deciding the roll of government. For Rep. Paul, that's sending a message with a "no" vote on the debt ceiling.

"It might have called attention to all the political and all the people in this country that we have to change our ways," he said.

For Ron Paul, less is more.

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