Monday, August 15, 2011

Ron Paul ties Michele Bachmann in Iowa Straw Poll
By Kevin Kervick
Monday August 15th 2011

Independent Americans are steaming this morning. The mainstream press is once again telling critical thinking Americans what to think and they don’t like it.

The results of the Iowa Straw Poll were 4,823 votes for Bachmann and 4,671 for Paul, a statistical tie for first place. Bachmann’s campaign had hoped she could amass over 6,000 votes in her birth state and in an electorate that is increasingly dominated by Evangelical Christian voters, Bachmann’s key voting block. Consequently, her showing was less than expected. Paul, on the other hand, exceeded expectations and to most observers in Iowa, his campaign apparatus was the best organized and most energized. Paul’s campaign is gaining steam while Bachmann’s popularity has receded in recent weeks according to national polls including this one from CNN. Yet, the big media report the event as a victory for Bachmann and make little mention of Paul.

Additionally, as her star has risen nationally, there is growing public scrutiny of Bachmann’s literalist Christian beliefs. Specifically Bachmann is on tape saying that she believes the end times are near. As these beliefs become better known to a wider cross-section of Americans it is likely that Bachmann will fade as a candidate. Paul, on the other hand is able to talk about moral issues in a way that appeals to critical thinking Americans. His explanation for his stance as a pro-lifer for instance, is entirely based on reason rather than dogma. That is an approach that appeals to independents.

The Teavangelical wing of the Tea Party Movement is attempting to usurp the independent spirit of the populist uprising because they sense their influence is fading. The popular press, perhaps wanting to further the Progressive-Evangelical Christian divide that keeps it readership activated, is advancing this false narrative, perhaps also in the hope that labeling all Tea Partiers as Evangelical end-timers will further diminish the movement and will strengthen President Obama’s election chances. There is little mention that a new paradigm is emerging that represents a new governing coalition in America, a common sense independent conservative coalition. Ron Paul is tapping into that exciting energy, and thus status quo power brokers are marginalizing his message.

If one listened to the popular media this morning he got the impression this race has dwindled to three viable Republican Presidential candidates, Romney, Bachmann, and Perry, the latter of who only announced his candidacy on Saturday! It is an outright scandal that Ron Paul’s terrific showing in Iowa has been so neglected by mainstream press sources. Independents are steaming this morning and they should be.

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